Flowers are one of the most common gifts that women receive from their men.

For centuries, lovers have shown love for their partners with flowers. In fact, in the Victorian era, whole conversations were held over flowers. Gradually, flowers became a universal symbol of love, which, without words, expresses the most tender love feelings and thoughts.

If you are not used to words, use flowers for your emotions

In addition to the dilemma of which flower to give to a loved one, you should also take into account the number in the bouquet. One flower says, “You are everything to me!” If it is still red, it is about passionate love. For anniversaries or birthdays, 3 or 5 flowers are given as a gift, 7 for an engagement, while you will show your love for a friend best with a bouquet of 11 flowers. If you want to express your gratitude and respect, 15 is the right number.

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